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Martin Mylne Dental Your Local Dentist in Cleveland and Capalaba

Reliable. Professional. Friendly.

Dental Care for the Redlands Shire Community

At Martin Mylne Dental, we are a family owned private dental practice that has been serving the Redlands community for more than 30 years. Dedicated to providing quality dental care for the whole family, we provide services in all aspects of dentistry to help you achieve your goals.  From extractions and teeth whitening to professional fillings and crowns, root canal treatments, implants, and orthodontic assessment, our friendly staff and highly skilled dentists are here to make sure your experience is as pain free as possible. We strive to create a welcoming environment for our patients and pride ourselves on being a good dentist for the local community.

Our local dental practices have been in the Redlands for over 30 years with convenient parking at the front and back of each surgery.​


At both our locations, Capalaba and Cleveland, you will find our friendly Dentists who provide pain free dental care in comfortable and welcoming settings. Our dental clinics offer a warm and calming atmosphere for all of our patients. We realise that some people may find that they have difficulty in seeking dental care and this is why we employs the most modern methods and equipment to ensure a relaxed and comfortable experience in both our clinics.

Martin Mylne Dental are a proud member of the Australian Dental Association and also an Australian Dental Association Accredited Dental Practice.



Our Practice

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